[distcc] Distcc is not scalling linearly , Pls help

yudhistir reddy yudhistir.reddy at gmail.com
Wed Mar 5 04:26:14 MST 2014

Hi ,

I am compiling code with distcc . Below is my set up

Client machine : Linux (ubuntu) , 16 core dual socket ( logical 32 core )
Time takes  to build code on this machine : 1 hour  with -j32 .

with Distcc :
Client machine is same as above one

2 servers with distccd daemon running ( 64 cores each )

Same target takes almost same time or just 5 mins less .  I am running the
make with -j32 on client to distribute the jobs .

I am using DISTCC normal mode , writting distcclog file to local directory
only .
I set DISTCC_DIR to local directory . i can see it uses only 4 CPUs of each
machine . How i can scale it with distcc . why distcc is not using more
CPUs from other two servers as well as local host .

Is something missing in my part  ? Pls help .

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