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Subject: Re: [distcc] Problem with distcc under Suse‏
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>>So, I have installed distcc successfully and wan't to make a compile test. but there is my next problem.

That's my configuration: 
Server "distccserver"

Client "linuxclient1"

Server-config: /etc/distcc/hosts "linuxclient1"

I start the server with: "distccd --daemon --allow ''"


Client-config: same "distccserver"
Set DISTCC_HOSTS="distccserver"

and start the make with: make -j8 CC=distcc (on server)

>That's not an _error_ message, that's a _warning_.
>It is probably preceded by another message from distcc explaining why.
>It is quite likely that you will get this warning for the final link command -- distcc won't distributed link commands.>But if distcc is distributing the compile commands that precede the final link command, everything may be working fine.
So that's my error during make 
distcc[29521] (dcc_select_for_write) ERROR: IO timeout
distcc[29521] ERROR: timeout while connecting to
distcc[29521] Warning: failed to distribute ./Modules/python.c to, running locally instead

and thats the content of my logfile:
distccd[6173] (dcc_listen_by_addr) ERROR: bind of failed: Address already in use
distccd[16255] (dcc_listen_by_addr) ERROR: bind of failed: Address already in use
distccd[28220] (dcc_listen_by_addr) ERROR: bind of failed: Address already in use

But i can't fix that... What I have to do ? is that a problem with the port or something like that ?!

By the way, I tried to start /etc/init.d/distcc start but i only receive the message "system unknown, please contact the distcc admin"
Should it run or doesn't it matter?

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