[distcc] how to compile with distcc without localpreprocessing,

Łukasz Tasz lukasz at tasz.eu
Tue Dec 20 01:33:26 MST 2011

Hi all
I tried to use pump mode as a first solution, but anyway compiler on
client side was executed and has consumed one license.
The aim is to minimise usage of licenses.
>From another side,  If NFS server is closer to compilation server
rather then development server (server which triggers compilation) I
gess that more efficient is to collect headers on compilation server,
then on development,

I just asked if distcc supports such a direct call or not.
thanks in advance

W dniu 20 grudnia 2011 00:57 użytkownik James Hanley
<jhanley at dgtlrift.com> napisał:
> You can use distcc in pump mode. Look for distcc pump.  As for nfs,
> this is an old point, but NFS has a lot of overhead in order to manage
> file writes. Distcc essentially circumvents that overhead by using its
> own protocol - since most files will be read to peace together one
> file - it doesn't need NFS.
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> On Dec 19, 2011, at 2:20 PM, "Łukasz Tasz" <lukasz at tasz.eu> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> How to ask distcc not to make preprocessing locally, but remotely only?
>> We are using nfs which is mounted on each distccd, so we would like to
>> prevent distcc making any local actions.
>> issue is also touching license problems, we have just few hosts with
>> availability of licenses.
>> thanks in advance
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Łukasz Tasz

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