[distcc] can distcc speed up the compilation of a single compilation unit?

Nathan Ridge zeratul976 at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 4 21:31:47 MDT 2010

> I don't know of any such tools. In C, you'd basically have to split up 
> the file into no_of_functions files, each one with declarations of the 
> other functions and the definition of one of these functions.
> Each file can then be distributed to another host and compiled 
> individually on all clients.
> But I guess CPP is a completely different matter... I'm not sure about 
> this, but can classes be even scattered though different files?

No. I don't think such a tool could operate by simply breaking up

the source code and passing it to different machines to be compiled.

Some amount of parsing would have to be done to get the code into

a state where it can cleanly be broken into chunks, and then each

chunk passed to a different machine for further processing (optimization etc.)


I was hoping something like this existed, but I guess not...



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