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Fergus Henderson fergus.henderson at gmail.com
Fri Apr 3 04:41:21 GMT 2009

distcc 3.0 has been tested on Cygwin.  It should work correctly, I believe.
I did not test on Cygwin when releasing distcc 3.1, so there's certainly the
possibility of regressions.
But I have no reason to believe that it doesn't work, and if it builds OK,
it is likely to work.

You need to install the prerequisites first, such as GNU Make, which are
listed in the INSTALL file.

What's the failure in "make check"?

On Thu, Apr 2, 2009 at 1:01 PM, Filipe Rinaldi <filipe.rinaldi at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi,
> What is the current status of distcc (client and server) running on Windows
> ?
> I've compiled distcc 3.1 in cygwin and it was (almost, I got some warnings)
> ok.
> Doing a "make check" it fails.
> Is it supposed to work correctly ?There is any special steps to build it ?
> There are two links in the distcc FAQ about running it on Windows but
> both are broken:
> Thanks.
> -- Filipe Rinaldi.
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