[distcc] compilation problem with intel copiler 10.1 & 11 beta

Fergus Henderson fergus at google.com
Fri Jan 9 16:47:52 GMT 2009

Does this compilation error occur if you use the intel compiler and don't
use distcc?

The error is due to the use of a gcc extension that the intel compiler
clearly doesn't support. (I wonder if the problem comes from preprocessing
with gcc, on the local host, and then compiling with the intel compiler, on
the distcc server?)

In any case, I recommend that you use distcc 3.1, rather than the 2004
vintage 2.18.3.


On Jan 8, 2009 10:36 PM, "Daniel Piñol" <dpinol at gmail.com> wrote:


we're currently deploying distcc 2.18.3 for OpenSuse 10.2. I've been able to
make it work with different gcc versions, but with intel compiler (versions
10.1 or 11 beta) I get the compilation error below.

/usr/include/c++/4.2.1/i586-suse-linux/bits/c++config.h(149): error:
expected a "{"

  namespace std __attribute__ ((__visibility__ ("default"))) {

 My compilation command is

distcc /opt/intel/cc/10.1.018//bin/icpc ...

Any idea how to fix it?


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