[distcc] cross-compiler on Cygwin

Luca Giancristofaro luca.giancristofaro at envirtech.it
Mon Dec 29 11:08:17 GMT 2008

Dear Roberto,


I am Luca Giancristofaro, from Envirtech S.p.A. I recently bought a Portux
board and I want to program it through a Cygwin platform. In the
documentation I find a link to a document written by Mumit Khan that should
contain instruction to perform the task, but the link is not valid. I saw in
a post in http://lists.samba.org/ you cited that document and talked about a
RAR file with this cross gcc for cygwin, whose size is about 19 Mb,
that you created.

 Could you plese provide me the document?


Thanks in advance. Best regards,

Luca Giancristofaro


Envirtech SPA

via Pacinotti, 4A

30175 Venezia - Italy

tel. - fax: +39 041 5313400


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