[distcc] distcc 3.1 released

Fergus Henderson fergus at google.com
Tue Dec 2 23:35:21 GMT 2008

I have released distcc 3.1 and uploaded it to <http://distcc.org>.


   * New "--scan-includes" option to distcc.  This shows which
     headers distcc would send to the remote machine in pump mode,
     without actually compiling anything.  This provides a simple
     interface to the include server.

   * New "--disable-Werror" option to configure.
     This disables the use of gcc's -Werror option when building
     distcc, allowing compilation of distcc to succeed even if
     gcc issues warnings.


   * Document all of the exit codes in the man page
     (Carsten Wolff <carsten at wolffcarsten.de>, via Debian).


   * Handle "-Wp,-MMD,...".

   * Report a better error message if a host specification contains ",cpp"
     but not ",lzo".

   * Fix a bug where the "m4" directory wasn't included in the
     source distribution tarball, which caused it to stop working
     if you ran autogen.sh.


   * Fixed a bug where the pump script was hard-coding /etc/distcc/hosts
     rather than using the prefix specified to configure.

   * Fixed build errors on Gentoo Linux and some other systems
     (Matsuu Takuto).

Fergus Henderson <fergus at google.com>
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