[distcc] Proposed Enhancements/Changes

Ian Baker Ian.Baker at cern.ch
Wed Jul 23 14:11:05 GMT 2008

Good afternoon to everyone.  My name is Ian Baker and I'm currently at
CERN as a technical student working on the following enhancements/changes to

User Authentication

Implemented through the GSS-API and specified through a command line
argument to distcc, distccd will be initiated with the appropriate option.
Initially only mutual authentication will be implemented, at a later stage
confidentiality and integrity services may be optionally configurable if
this is something that's needed.

Service Discovery

Existing Zeroconf mechanism with the advertisement of specific build
platforms for targeted builds.

Targeted Builds

Command line argument to distcc which causes the appropriate subset of
servers to be extracted from the Zerconf services list.

Node Protection

The --randomize flag should be turned on by default, with the possibility
of extending this behaviour over slots.

Monitoring and Accounting

In addition to standard logging activity authentication information is to
be written to the distccd log files.  A centralized service is to extract
these log files and parse their contents, possibly linked to an HTTP server for
browser access.

Questions and comments welcomed.

Ian Baker
Technical Student

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