[distcc] Compiling distcc 3.0 under Cygwin/WinXP

Fergus Henderson fergus at google.com
Fri Jun 27 22:35:32 GMT 2008

On Fri, Jun 27, 2008 at 5:09 PM, Perez, Aaron P. <Aaron.Perez at hospira.com>

>  Has anyone successfully compiled distcc under Cygwin on Windows?


Craig Silverstein compiled distcc under Cygwin at about revision 282 in the
current SVN repository.  He reported that "make check" passed.

I suspect that he may have been using a different build of Python than you.
If you have both Windows and Cygwin versions of Python, make sure that the
Cygwin Python is first in your PATH.

> 2. make compiles source and generates distcc.exe, distccd.exe,
> distccmon-test.exe, lsdistcc.exe. It also creates the ./_include_server
> structure with various Python files but then dies on cl : Command line error
> D2004 : '/W' requires an argument
> The problem that you describe below is occurring when compiling the include
server (a new component in distcc - that's why it doesn't occur for 2.18.3 -
but present at revision 282).
When building distcc on Cygwin, we should be using gcc for all compilation,
not "cl" (the Microsoft C compiler).
But in your case, Python's "distutils" (invoked by include_server/setup.py)
is invoking "cl" rather than "gcc".

I think the best fix is to use a version of Python that was built with gcc,
e.g. I would expect that the Cygwin Python should work.

(You might also be able to hack something up by just overriding the options
in CFLAGS that "cl" doesn't understand, e.g. by running "make CFLAGS=
WERROR_CFLAGS= include_server".
But there might be other problems in that case... I don't really recommend

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