[distcc] feedback on distcc 3.0rc1?

Fergus Henderson fergus at google.com
Thu Jun 19 17:12:40 GMT 2008

Hi Lennart,

On Thu, Jun 19, 2008 at 11:42 AM, Lennart Poettering <mzqvfgpp at 0pointer.de>

> On Wed, 18.06.08 15:13, Fergus Henderson (fergus at google.com) wrote:
> > We haven't had a lot of feedback on the public release of distcc 3.0rc1
> yet.
> >
> > It would be really nice to know what you think of it...
> I am very happy my Avahi patch finally got merged.
> Though I am bit surprised that the sources I contributed (like
> gcc-id.c) suddenly bear a Google copyright notice -- for the year
> 2005!

Sorry about that.  That's clearly a mistake.

We made some very minor changes to that file - I think the changes were
confined to eliminating tab characters and changing a #include statement to
use <config.h> instead of "config.h" (see <
http://code.google.com/p/distcc/source/detail?r=148>).  When adding
copyright notices, I think we just added them to any file that we had
changed, without making any attempt to determine whether the changes to each
file were substantial or not.  In most cases, there was already an existing
copyright notice, and in those cases, we kept the existing copyright notice
and added the Google copyright notice alongside it.  In this case there was
no existing copyright message.  As for the date, I don't know why it was
listed as 2005, which totally wrong.  Maybe it was a cut-and-paste error.

Since the Google changes to that file were minor, I'll delete the Google
copyright notice from that file.
I'll also do the same for any other files in your Avahi patch.

Would you like me to put "Copyright (C) 2007 Lennart Poettering" notices on
those files?
(And if so, is 2007 the correct year?).

> BTW, any chance you can add proper automake support to the package?
> handwritten Makefiles suck.

At one point in time, distcc did have proper automake support.
But someone - presumably Martin Pool - removed it.  I don't know why.
But my guess is that using automake had its own problems.
So at this point my thoughts on the topic are "once bitten, twice shy".
Since distcc already tried using autoconf once, and reverted back to not
using it,
I'd want to know why we reverted back before wanting to try automake again.

Fergus Henderson <fergus at google.com>
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