[distcc] DistCC questions, Cygwin Environnement

Matias D'Ambrosio angasule at gmail.com
Fri Mar 14 16:57:48 GMT 2008

On Wednesday 12 March 2008 19:00:04 Alexandre Genereux wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a couple question about the distcc configuration.
> Situation: We are trying to find a way that we can use developpers PC's to
> compile some projects with DistCC. We have to be able to run DistCC with
> minimal effect on the developpement environnement (if possible).
> 1- Is it possible to limit how much CPU % can be use by DistCC clients?
>  -> We want to be able to use a small portion of the cpu from each machine,
> thus trying to lower the impact on the devellopper using the machine while
> a compilation is requested
 I don't recall if it's built in into distcc (I'm guessing not), but you can 
manually change the priority of any process with "nice" (read documentation 
about it, you don't want to nice too far :) ).
 I can't answer your other questions right now since I don't have distcc at 
hand and I don't trust my memory.
  Matias D'Ambrosio

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