[distcc] DistCC questions, Cygwin Environnement

Alexandre Genereux Alexandre.Genereux at labtronix.biz
Wed Mar 12 21:00:04 GMT 2008


I have a couple question about the distcc configuration.

Situation: We are trying to find a way that we can use developpers PC's to 
compile some projects with DistCC. We have to be able to run DistCC with 
minimal effect on the developpement environnement (if possible).

1- Is it possible to limit how much CPU % can be use by DistCC clients?
 -> We want to be able to use a small portion of the cpu from each machine, 
thus trying to lower the impact on the devellopper using the machine while a 
compilation is requested

2- Is there any way to configure the timeout between the call sent to see if 
a computer can compile a file and the response from it if it cannot do it?
 -> Trying to limit the timeout to the smallest interval so compilation are 
rapidly tranferred to another computer if one of the host computer is not 

3- Is there any way to make the list of host computer without preference for 
the first computer in it?
 -> To distribute to load across all the compilation farm instead of filling 
the first computer then the other and so forth.

Since i'm really new to the whole linux/cygwin/gcc/distcc thingie, flames 
are welcomed :P

Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated...

Thank you


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