[distcc] Warning: failed to distribute

Roberto Alejandro Espi Muñoz raespi at estudiantes.uci.cu
Wed Jan 9 14:03:48 GMT 2008

You need the config file on the distcc server to tell it which hosts you plan to allow.   But also you need to specify on the client the available servers with the $DISTCC_HOSTS environment variable.   Here you specify them separated by whitespaces,

hope it helps ...

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Hi All,
I have set up the hosts in my laptop using xen.
1 Host OS (RHEL5)and
2 Guest OS (RHEL5) 
I have installed distcc in all the systems(Host and guest os's).
2 guests are running with distcc server daemon.
And the host is running in distcc client mode.
When I did compilation for linux kernel, it says me with the following error message.
Warning: failed to distribute, running locally instead
I am able to ping and connect via ssh to those 2 guest OS's..
So which means there is no problem with networking..
I have also configured the hosts(config file for distcc) file for distcc by adding only guest os's IP address
Kindly help me in solving out the problem.
Harish Kumar Selvaraj 

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