[distcc] Re: detecting architecture of DISTCC HOSTS ?

Han-Wen Nienhuys hanwen at byrd.xs4all.nl
Mon Feb 20 13:50:15 GMT 2006

In article <43F9C11F.40605 at gentoo.org>,
Andrew Gaffney  <agaffney at gentoo.org> wrote:
>> This is useful as cross-building some packages require both a native
>> gcc and a cross-compiling gcc to be present.  Setting
>> DISTCC_SUBSTITUTE_GCC= allows the native compiler invocations to be
>> distcc'd to different machine types as well.
>I came up with a method for doing cross-compiling with distcc in Gentoo. It can 
>be used in other distributions easily enough. It just involves a simple wrapper

Yes, I figured that trick out, but it does not work when the local
compiler is the native one, and the remote should be a cross compiler.

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