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Patrik Olesen patrik at famolesen.com
Thu Jan 19 11:03:49 GMT 2006

Could it not be enough to just use nice?

/ Patrik

Martin Pool wrote:

>On 19 Jan 2006, "Bryntse, Mats" <Mats.Bryntse.x at sonyericsson.com> wrote:
>>Thanks for your answers!
>>I guess what I'm looking for is something that will only allow this
>>program to run computers where the screensaver is enabled. Thus never
>>stealing any CPU from someone working on their computer...
>>Is there such a patch?
>I don't know of such a thing.  It should not be awfully hard.
>'xscreensaver-command -watch' or 'xscreensaver-command -time' will give
>you some useful information on whether or when the screen was
>locked/blanked.  It should be fairly easy for a shell script to read
>this and activate or deactivate distccd.  
>This could run as the logged-in user, or as a system process owned by
>root.  If run by root, it needs to know which displays might have
>someone logged in, but for workstations you can start by assuming that's
>always just :0.0.  The basic approach is shown in the attached
>shellscript from Ubuntu that turns off the screensaver when the laptop
>lid is closed.  (Obviously in this case xscreenaver would be the
>controlling not the controlled object.)
>I'm not sure of a way to tell if the user is active if they're not
>running xscreensaver but it's possible it's advertised on DBus on gnome
>Another approach would be to actually write a screenaver that runs
>distccd, and perhaps even displays on the screen what it's being used
>(This assumes you're using some kind of x11 unix; on windows or os x
>there should be equivalent mechanisms.)
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