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Sean, et al., 

Sean D'Epagnier <geckosenator at gmail.com> wrote: On 1/5/06, Victor Norman <vtnpgh at yahoo.com> wrote: Sean, et al., 

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 So it takes 44 minutes to compile on one computer, and 56 minutes to compile 6 times using 6 computers?  Can you test the difference without your wrapper but still using distcc?  Ideally we will get this down to 44 minutes and 44 minutes :-P

[Victor:] No, it takes 44 minutes to compile our software branch using -j20 when there is no one else using the compilation farm, which consists of about 60 cpus of various strengths.  It takes about 48 minutes when 2 people compile with -j20, sharing the farm.  About 49 minutes with 3 people compiling with -j20; 51 minutes for 4 simultaneous compiles; 56 minutes for 5 compiles, 56.5 minutes for 6 compiles.

o ideally, it would be very nice to be able to know how long different files take to compile, and what order to do them in to produce the very best use of the compilation farm.  But that is probably an NP-complete problem, and I needed to bite off something I could chew.

 I agree, but maybe we can set things up now so it won't be hard to do that later?
 Can we download and test it? I would like to see if it really speeds things up, it's obvious it adds useful features.

[Victor:] I'm trying to get the tree uploaded to cvs, but am having problems because of our firewall here at work.  I can send the tree to you if you want it.




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