[distcc] [patch] distccd code review with commenting & bug fixes

Thomas Kho thomaskho at gmail.com
Fri Dec 16 01:28:17 GMT 2005


I did a code review of some of the server code for distcc. I added 
comments where functions' actions weren't evident from the name, and 
addressed some issues I found:

src/bulk.c: 210: duplication of code to close fd and return
src/io.c: 166: EAGAIN is checked twice. EINTR needs checking to be 
    208: There's no EOF condition for writes. This and the last buglet 
were previously mentioned on the distcc mailing list.
src/serve.c: 317: If an intermediate transmission fails, we shouldn't 
send the DOTO 0
src/util.c: 210: I think it's safer to install a sigaction instead of a 
one-shot call to signal() to handle SIGPIPEs

The attached patch was generated against the latest sources in arch. I'd 
appreciate any comments.


Thomas Kho
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