[distcc] "GDB can't find source file" redux, updated patch

Martin Pool mbp at sourcefrog.net
Mon Dec 12 05:48:09 GMT 2005

On 10 Dec 2005, Dan Kegel <daniel.r.kegel at gmail.com> wrote:
> My users were quite upset by the problem described here:
> http://distcc.samba.org/faq.html#gdb
> It appears to be resolved in modern compilers like gcc-4.0,
> but we still sometimes use gcc-2.95.3, so we need the patch.
> So I forward-ported the patch to distcc-2.18.3.
> Annoyingly, it seems to have a bug which only shows
> up when doing nonrecursive builds of nested directories;
> if a file foo.cc is in directory apple/bananna, the path
> and you compile it from directory apple as bananna/foo.cc,
> you end up with paths like apple/bananna/bananna/foo.cc,
> which isn't good.  The solution was easy, but I wonder if
> the original author of the patch knows something I don't...
> Anyway, the forward-ported and hopefully bugfixed patch
> is online at http://kegel.com/distcc/distcc-2.18.3-line.patch
> It's probably only useful for anyone building with older compilers,
> so I kind of agree with Martin's decision to not apply it by default.

I've put your update into the patches/ directory so people can find it
if they want it.  I'm happy to agree that this problem should fade into
the past as people upgrade.

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