[distcc] Re: First results from distcc integrated cache

Martin Pool mbp at sourcefrog.net
Sun Dec 11 23:33:25 GMT 2005

On 12 Dec 2005, Laurent Calburtin <laurent.calburtin at free.fr> wrote:

> So I imagine Apple is distributing a patched version of distcc with  
> xcode 2.2 to handle the "-x" gcc option.
> And until they release the source code for their patch (as required  
> by the GPL licence...), I'm afraid I won't be able to test your built  
> of distcc using my environment.
> But maybe I missed something and someone knows the trick to make the  
> official distcc work with xcode 2.2?

They do release the source, it's on opensource.apple.com somewhere.  I
seem to recall someone from Apple talked of separating it out into a
clean patch.  Perhaps you could do that.


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