[distcc] Re: First results from distcc integrated cache

Laurent Calburtin laurent.calburtin at free.fr
Sun Dec 11 23:24:32 GMT 2005

> We're still playing around with this here, but it might be ready  
> for other folks
> to try and/or review.  Anyone interested?
> - Dan

Me! I'm interested! Your tests seem very promising!

However, I'm using xcode 2.2 on MacOSX, and although Apple claims to  
be using distcc 2.18.3, I tried to replace theirs by one I built  
myself from the distcc.samba.org distribution and I got:
distcc[525] (dcc_scan_args) gcc's -x handling is complex; running  

So I imagine Apple is distributing a patched version of distcc with  
xcode 2.2 to handle the "-x" gcc option.
And until they release the source code for their patch (as required  
by the GPL licence...), I'm afraid I won't be able to test your built  
of distcc using my environment.

But maybe I missed something and someone knows the trick to make the  
official distcc work with xcode 2.2?

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