[distcc] distccmon-text blanks out

Greg Szeszko (TT) Greg.Szeszko at tradingtechnologies.com
Fri Aug 26 13:42:36 GMT 2005

The timer seems to have helped.  I changed it from 60 to 30000.  My
compilations routinely take 10-15 minutes per file.  Without the change
the files in the state directory were being wiped out around a minute
after start of a compilation.


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On 8/25/05, Greg Szeszko (TT) <Greg.Szeszko at tradingtechnologies.com>

> I build a C++ project with very heavy preprocessing.  I run it on a 2
> machine RH system, each having 2 CPUs.  When I run distccmon-text
> refresh of 2) on the main compilation machine (the one that starts
make -j
> 6) I initially see listing for all six jobs with state Preprocess.
After a
> short while, though, the listings start disappearing one by one and
> there is nothing.  I can still see the preprocessing jobs running on
> local machine.  The remote distccd reports compilation of few files,
> distccmon-text on the local machine shows nothing.  Is that an
> behavior? 

No, it's not the intended behaviour.  It may be the jobs are taking
long enough that the monitor thinks the files are just leftover.  You
could try adjusting the timeout in (iirc) mon.c, and also looking
inside the state directory with ls while it's running.


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