[distcc] Which AS gets called/Used?

Josh Patterson josh at pattersonmail.org
Wed Aug 3 12:26:16 GMT 2005

 >Josh Patterson wrote:
 >> I have been happily using Distcc for about a month now, but have
 >> encountered weirdness with regard to what Assembler tries to get used.
 >> In some cases for reasons that I don't understand distccd tries to use
 >> a native version of AS, instead of PPC_405-as which would make more
 >> sense. In order to Make my cross compile distccd nodes work I had to
 >> sym link /bin/as to my ppc_405-as; clearly a horrible hack.
 >Maybe you just need to set PATH before starting distccd?
 >Or maybe there's something funny with the cross-compiler you're using 
 >on the nodes.  How'd you build it?

I'm actually using pre built binary crosscompilers from Montavista on my 
linux boxes, and I used your Crosstool(http://kegel.com/crosstool/) 
scripts to build a cygwin hosted cross compiler. Both envs ended up 
needing the sym link from as->ppc_405-as.

I have tried setting the path up in different ways, with ONLY the cross 
compielr bins in it, with it first, and usuall toolchain in a later 
section of PATH, and with the cross compilers as the last item in the PATH.

Does distcc/distccd ignore the AS environment variable? How does the 
"system" determine which AS should be used?

	Thanks, Josh

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