[distcc] Little or no compilation at localhost

Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Fri Jun 10 08:09:54 GMT 2005

Hi Simon,

> I've installed distcc on two identical computers, each with two processors
> with hyperthreading (localhost and
> Monitoring the computers with top, I can see that does all (or
> most) of the compiling, while the pattern of localhost is like compiling
> with make -j1. (I've tried both -j8, -j12 and -j16 with -j8 beeing a bit
> slower than the rest. But compilling without distcc on samson alone
> with -j4 is just as fast as with distcc -j12 and -j16.)

This is not the standard behavior. Which version of distcc are you using?
Did you compile it yourself? Any additional patch applied?

Try using distccmon-gnome to monitor the job distribution, it may be more
helpful than top. Also watch the logs for errors. If distribution to
localhost fails, it should generate an error message at some point.
Setting DISTCC_VERBOSE=1 for the client may help.

Which options did you run distccd with on both machines? Didn't you
forget to run distccd on localhost?

Jean Delvare

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