[distcc] Little or no compilation at localhost

Simon Mikkelsen simon at gramjuhl.dk
Fri Jun 10 07:25:18 GMT 2005

I've installed distcc on two identical computers, each with two processors
with hyperthreading (localhost and

Monitoring the computers with top, I can see that does all (or
most) of the compiling, while the pattern of localhost is like compiling
with make -j1. (I've tried both -j8, -j12 and -j16 with -j8 beeing a bit
slower than the rest. But compilling without distcc on samson alone
with -j4 is just as fast as with distcc -j12 and -j16.)

I would like to have localhost to do as much work as it does when I do not
use distcc, so the compilling would actually be faster - is there something
I have not set properly up? I've looked in the FAQ and list archive without
finding an anwser.

My hosts file reads:

simon at samson:~/distcc> cat /usr/local/etc/distcc/hosts

but I have also tried without /4 and with /8 in

Yours Sincerely,
Simon Mikkelsen

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