[distcc] Recurssion management?

David Weeks dkmw at earthlink.net
Fri Jun 3 14:19:15 GMT 2005


I'm new to distcc (and ccache), and I am in the process of trying it out 
for the second time.  The first time didn't work, so I've taken a closer 

Also, I'm using Gentoo, also new to me.

In configuring participating hosts, I've set each host to fully utilize 
available distcc hosts, to complete their builds.  Yet it occured to me, 
that references could become circular.  In other words, if host A hands 
off to host B and host C, what is to prevent hosts B and C from handing 
off back to A or each other?  Also, the MAKEOPTS="-j##" thingee.  Each 
host has that value set to the network availability of fellow distcc 
partcipants.  When it receives a compile job, does that option come into 
play?  Or is distcc smart enought to determine optimal localhost settings?

I'm not a memeber of this list, so I hope replies are posted via email 
that I'll receive.

David Weeks,
Tampa, Florida, USA.

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