[distcc] make -j N sometimes fails after a few minutes with distcc

Martin Pool mbp at sourcefrog.net
Fri May 27 23:37:26 GMT 2005

On 27 May 2005, "Grigorio V. Moshkin" <grigorio at garant.ru> wrote:
> Hi!
> I use distcc 2.18.3 on my Linux box as coordinator and distccd running 
> on 4 Cygwin boxes as servers.
> Sometimes all work well. But sometimes my command
> $ make -j 8 CC = "distcc ..." CXX="distcc ..." > out.log 2>&1
> fails after minutes of distributed compilation with log message:
> cp: could not stat for `/home/grigorio/.../libGslServerManagerS.so': No 
> such file or directory
> and etc.
> Note, distributed compilation goes on actually! I see it via 
> distccmon-text. Also I see the number of object files *.o actually 
> increases! But compilation stops soon. And if I restart make, 
> compilation starts well-formed for a few minutes... And all things above 
> do repeat!
> What's the matter with my make/distcc?

If there are any other errors reported, it is as Jean says.  If this is 
the only error:

The rule in your makefile that tries to cp that library probably doesn't 
depend on it, so make is trying to cp the file before it exists.  You
need to add the correct dependency.  For example:

cplibs: foo.so bar.so
	cp foo.so bar.so libDslServerManagerS.so libs/

If you can find the make rule that does the cp command then please post
that if you're still stuck.


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