[distcc] discovering the distccd hosts on a DHCP LAN?

Donohue, Michael mdonohue at paypal.com
Wed May 4 00:13:46 GMT 2005

Depending on the size of the network segment where these hosts are
located, you could use nmap to find all hosts listening on port 3632.

Something like:
nmap -p 3632 '10.1.2.*'


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Lo all,

While most of the distcc hosts I use have a fixed IP, I have a number of
machines that live on the LAN and get their IPs assigned by dhcp. I'm
looking for a way to use those for distcc as well. I've seen the FAQ,
and mention of centralized manager / TeamBuilder thing, but I don't
really want to move away to a completely different solution.

What I'm thinking about is just have a cron script on machines that run
a distcc daemon so they leave their IP somewhere, and in turn on the
client machine I would maintain the hosts file updated ( probably with a
cron as well ). If anyone has something along those lines already ..
please let me know :)


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