[distcc] pending patches

Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Sat Apr 9 08:07:22 GMT 2005

Hi Martin,

[Martin Pool]
> I've been a bit busy recently with bazaar-ng and will be in the near
> future.  I know there are some patches on the list which should be
> merged either as they are or with amendments.
> Could some of the old hands (Dan? Jean? Dimitri?) please have a look
> over them and either give feedback or recommend whether they should go
> in?

I've browsed the archive (since the beginning of the year) in search of
such patches and here's a list:

Support for Microsoft's "cl" compiler (Dobes Vandermeer):

The patch introduces compiler-specific code sections, in a way I
wouldn't qualify as elegant. Looks like there are no precedents in the
code, so it might be worth discussing what the best way to handle this
is, providing we actually want to handle this. As a side note, detecting
the compiler by just checking that the first two letters are "cl" does
seem a bit weak to me. The patch also has several problems (not unified,
broken indentation, noise, unrelated changes). Not ready for integration

Additionally, subsequent posts by Dobes Vandermeer suggest that this
patch alone isn't enough to get proper support for this compiler anyway,
so we're probably better waiting for a follow-up before we move.

Improvements to distccmon-text (Eddie Parker):
Alternative patches (Jean Delvare):

The changes are rather simple, I reviewed Eddie's code, and proposed
modified patches, more correct in my opinion, doing the same thing (no
scroll when idle, add timestamps). I would like to see these patches
applied, as the few users of distccmon-text seemed to agree that these
changes would make the tool overall more usable.

Zeroconf support (Lennart Poettering):

This stuff I don't know anything about, so I can't review it. Martin,
you seemed to be pretty enthusiastic about it back then.

Randomization by slot (Michael Donohue):

This is still being discussed on the list, and while everyone seems to
agree that hosts or slots randomization is needed, no obvious solution
has been agreed upon on how the option has to be passed to distcc, nor
what the needed granularity is.

Cpp locking (Michael Donohue):

The idea sounds interesting (although I am not exactly qualified to tell
whether this is the best approach to solve the problem), but the
implementation doesn't please me. Using the hosts file to pass options
to distcc is simply too weird.

I might as well have missed some patches, as my method to find them
wasn't exactly scientific. But I still hope that this quick summary will

BTW Martin I would like to thank you a lot for your work on bazaar-ng.
The world needs you! :)

Jean Delvare

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