[distcc] Re: Contributing to distCC

nadim nadim at khemir.net
Sat Dec 18 15:58:40 GMT 2004

Hi, I am new to this group and distcc (I have used it now and then to
compile wine). My speciality is not distribution of build but the build
system itself. What we all want is to compile faster. Here are some

- The build system itself could be distributed

- Linking should be distributed (forcing it to be local is a must as it
can, when using nfs, take as long time as the compilation)

- The figures we flash are for one person compiles on 10-20 boxes, what
happends when you don't have 20 boxes for one person but 20 boxes for 20
persons. Is CCache the solution, is it a synchronisation of the build
systems so just one build is done instead of 20? 

- With as many as 200 developers, the network is going to be the bottle
neck (IMHO) is a distribution through RSynch/InterMezzo/... a better

As a former teacher, I must say that there is no technical challenge in
contributing to distcc (because it's already real good at what it does).
Are you sure your teachers will accept that work?

Cheers, Nadim Khemir

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