[distcc] Any comments to my distcc/zeroconf patch?

Lennart Poettering mzqvfgpp at 0pointer.de
Sat Dec 4 18:53:45 GMT 2004


A week ago I posted on this list a patch for distcc which adds
zeroconf (based on mdns/dns-sd) support:


I still haven't got a single response yet. Martin, will you apply the
patch to your upstream sources? If not, what can I improve so that you
accept it? I am really interested in having a zeroconf enabled distcc

BTW: a quick addendum to the notes I posted in that mail cited above:

Is it compatible with Apple Xcode's zeroconf enabled distccd? I assume
yes. My patch uses the same DNS-SD service (_distcc._tcp), which means
that Apple's distcc client should be able to find it. Since I don't
have access to any Apple machines, I haven't been able to test that.


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