[distcc] Distcc binary on OS X different to OpenDarwin source

Robin Stevens list at gaialink.dyndns.org
Fri Nov 26 12:05:23 GMT 2004

Martin Pool wrote:

>On Tue, 07 Sep 2004 13:04:11 +0100, Robin Stevens
><list at gaialink.dyndns.org> wrote:
>>The Apple-supplied binary on my OS X Panther (confirmed on 10.3.4,
>>10.3.5) *does* handle it.
>>Looking through the binary, the error string is still there - but the
>>check appears to not be taking place. (My disassembly skills are not
>>really up to the task of doing a proper analysis!).
>>So, is this a GPL violation? Am I just using the wrong source? Is there
>>a magic build option I don't know about?
>Right, Apple have some patches that are not in my tree.  Apparently
>Apple do ship the source with XCode and/or offer it on their web site,
>so it is not a GPL violation.  If anyone would like to pull the
>portable bits out of the Apple tree and merge them back that would be
>fine with me.
Hi Martin,

Thanks for your reply, and sorry for my delayed response - a dodgy mail 
filter misfiled this email. /sigh

The only source I've been able to find related to Apple is from the Open 
Darwin website, which works the same as your source. ie. the only source 
I can find from Apple, doesn't work the same as their binary.

My assumption is that I'm looking in the wrong place or missing a patch, 
so if anyone can point me in the right direction it would be appreciated.

I shall keep looking, in any case.


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