[distcc] Problem with distccmon-gnome 2.18

Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Sun Oct 17 14:38:57 GMT 2004

> So maybe the gtk+ specs of this function changed during the last
> months? I also checked and down-graded to gtk+-2.4.7: it has the same
> problem, so I guess this problem must be around for a while. Perhaps
> nobody checked their console for errors until now?

I would have noticed, since I always run distccmon-gnome manually from
the same xterm I then run the compilation in.

Also, the GTK+-2.* library I use is the one provided by my distribution
(Slackware 9.1) and did not changed, ever.

The fact that what matters is the moment we *build* distcc, not the
version or the conditions in which we then run it, would point us to the
direction of the header files or the static libraries.

The changes I see on my system since August 1st are: libpng, mozilla and
ImageMagick (with side effects in pkgconfig and perl5). I don't think
distcc uses these at all, does it?

I have to admit I'm completely lost.

Jean Delvare

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