[distcc] Problem with distccmon-gnome 2.18

Tom Van Laerhoven tom.vanlaerhoven at luc.ac.be
Sun Oct 17 13:46:55 GMT 2004

On Sunday 17 October 2004 15:30, Jean Delvare wrote:
> > > Tom, could you try recompiling 2.17 on your system and tell us if it
> > > also has the same problem?
> >
> > Indeed, the same problem.
> Damn. Can you remember what changed on your system since August 1st (or
> whenever you compiled 2.17 at first)?

I'm afraid not.
But looking at the gtk+ function where the assertion-problem occurs 
"gtk_tree_model_row_changed" (in gtktreemodel.c); it contains the statement: 

"g_return_if_fail (path != NULL);"

while in distcc's mon-gnome.c this function is clearly called with the path 
parameter equal to NULL.

So maybe the gtk+ specs of this function changed during the last months? I 
also checked and down-graded to gtk+-2.4.7: it has the same problem, so I 
guess this problem must be around for a while. Perhaps nobody checked their 
console for errors until now?


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