[distcc] Issue with massively parallel compilation

Victor Norman vtnpgh at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 30 12:28:24 GMT 2004


I agree with you completely.  The idea of the timeouts in 2.17 is a great one. 
However, the timeout values HAVE to be configurable by the user, IMO.  For my
build, I get quite a few "Connect timeout"s, a few "Send timeout"s, and even a
couple of "Compile timeout"s.  For the last one, that means that I have some
files that take longer than 3 minutes to compile -- which is correct.  They are
BIG files.  And, so when I get a "Compile timeout", it means that I lose 3
minutes worth of compiling on the remote machine, and have to do it all over
again on the localhost...  

So, Martin, et al., please allow these values to be configurable.


--- Markus Stenberg <markus.stenberg at conformiq.com> wrote:

> I'm using latest distcc from Debian-unstable (which means 2.17) and testing
> (which means 2.16) among the machines I'm using.
> My CORRECT job count is in tens. However, the distcc code allows for _5_
> seconds for both connecting remote host, and the preprocessing to
> finish. This, in my option, is completely bogus (the timeout is set in
> remote.c:204, and changed to 30 only at remote.c:221).
> Obviously, when my (powersaving-enabled) laptop hits the road with say, -j
> 15, and the files involved are large C++ files with tons of includes, guess
> what I get..
> Nx distcc[13045] ERROR: Connect timeout
> >From my point of view, there SHOULD NOT BE timeout for actual
> preprocessing, and therefore as long as preprocessing is in progress the
> timeouts should not fire off at all. Changing timeouts to longer would be
> just fix that breaks at some point later on.
> Obviously, the laptop in question is wrong compiling platform to start
> with, but that's why I'm just doing preprocessing there (and distcc speeds
> the whole process up nicely).
> -Markus
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