[distcc] Issue with massively parallel compilation

Markus Stenberg markus.stenberg at conformiq.com
Thu Sep 30 09:16:56 GMT 2004

I'm using latest distcc from Debian-unstable (which means 2.17) and testing
(which means 2.16) among the machines I'm using.

My CORRECT job count is in tens. However, the distcc code allows for _5_
seconds for both connecting remote host, and the preprocessing to
finish. This, in my option, is completely bogus (the timeout is set in
remote.c:204, and changed to 30 only at remote.c:221).

Obviously, when my (powersaving-enabled) laptop hits the road with say, -j
15, and the files involved are large C++ files with tons of includes, guess
what I get..

Nx distcc[13045] ERROR: Connect timeout

>From my point of view, there SHOULD NOT BE timeout for actual
preprocessing, and therefore as long as preprocessing is in progress the
timeouts should not fire off at all. Changing timeouts to longer would be
just fix that breaks at some point later on.

Obviously, the laptop in question is wrong compiling platform to start
with, but that's why I'm just doing preprocessing there (and distcc speeds
the whole process up nicely).


"Simplicity does not precede complexity, but follows it."

>From ACM's SIGPLAN publication, (September, 1982), Article "Epigrams
in Programming", by Alan J. Perlis of Yale University.

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