[distcc] Multiple people running distcc at once, using one DISTCC_DIR

Jake McGuire jake at boom.net
Tue Sep 21 15:49:29 GMT 2004

Lock files not getting cleaned up is not a problem, as the checking is 
not done on their existence, but rather their lockedness or 
unlockedness.  This does get cleaned up automatically, so there 
shouldn't be a problem.

We haven't seen the issue with lock files being owned by someone else, 
but changing your umask is not a bad idea, and for the state files as 
well.  I think we have patches locally that will do this, but I'll see 
if I can release them or fold them back into distcc.

Also, if you aren't randomizing the host list, you really want to do 
so, and (IMHO) it's worth increasing the number of allowable jobs on 
the remote machines so that you'll be unlikely to have lock contention, 
as with 70 engineers and a networked lock directory that'll get ugly, 

Feel free to contact me off-line if you have any more questions.


On Sep 21, 2004, at 8:27 AM, Victor Norman wrote:

> All,
> I'm trying to roll-out the use of distcc here in our organization 
> among our 70
> or so software engineers (see previous post "My big plans for 
> distcc").  I'm
> running into a few issues with multiple engineers doing compiles at 
> once.  Here
> are the specs: distcc2.16 on sparc-sun-solaris2.7 and linux.  All 
> engineers are
> going to use one DISTCC_DIR (which is /us/norman/.distcc for now).  
> So, the
> same hosts file and the same lock and state directories will be used 
> for
> everyone.  This is necessary (see previous posting) so that a single 
> server
> that can handle n compilations is not hit with n * m compilations, 
> where m is
> the number of engineers doing a compile at that time.
> Here are the problems we are noticing:
> 1. We've noticed that the lock files are not cleaned up when a 
> compilation is
> done (i.e., when an instance of distcc finishes).  For example, in
> /us/norman/.distcc/lock, I see 4 files: 
> cpu_tcp_swbuild-linux1_3632_{0,1,2,3}.
> And, my compilation is done.  I thought those files should have been 
> removed.
> The problem with this is that each of those files is owned by norman 
> (me), and
> has -rw-r--r-- permissions.  So, when my friend, pjayamoh, tries to 
> compile and
> distcc picks swbuild-linux1 as the host to compile on, it will fail 
> because
> distcc won't be able to open/remove/replace the lock file.
> Is this just a matter of changing our umasks?  Or is this a real 
> problem?
> 2. Also, when pjayamoh cannot open that file, distcc falls back 
> immediately to
> trying to compile locally.  That's fine, but I would have thought that 
> it would
> have tried some other slots and/or hosts first, which it doesn't seem 
> to be
> doing (I'm not sure about this one, though -- correct me if I'm wrong).
> Thanks for your help.
> Vic
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