[distcc] Re: wrapmsvc.exe

Rasmus Bonnedal rasmus.bonnedal at illuminatelabs.com
Fri Sep 17 00:43:33 GMT 2004

Dan Kegel wrote:
> I am interested in making it easy for people to run
> Microsoft's C compiler on Linux.  

I find this idea exciting as well. I also think it would be very useful 
to run MSC from distcc without wine on cygwin.

Since you have MSC working under Linux I started getting distcc to play 
nice. I wrote a quick sed script to transform the important settings 
from gcc to cl.exe. I suppose it is a subset of wrapmsvc, with which I 
didn't bother. Instead I took the approach of not translating all gcc 
options to MSC, but rather only -c (/c), -o (/Fo) and -E (/E). The 
script also fixes the temp paths for cygwin.

It now works with distcc for c++ files, and it should be quite easy to 
extend to c files as well. It is still very hackish (and cygwin 
centered), but if anyone's interested I can post it here.

> In fact, I have a shell script which transparantly runs
> the free-download version of Microsoft's C compiler
> on Linux using Wine.  

This sounds interesting. Is it availible?


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