[distcc] distccmon-kde

Alessandro Molina amol at sig11.org
Sat Sep 11 16:54:35 GMT 2004

I have found on an old post on distcc mailing list the abandoned sources of
a distcc monitor for KDE. After modifying the sources to work with the new
monitor interface of distcc (they were about an year old) and fixing a few
bugs I have managed to make it work quite well with the new distcc2.17.

You can download it here: www.sig11.org/~amol/misc/distccmon.tgz
Actually it needs distcc sources to compile and it misses configure/Makefile 
(it has just a build.sh script which I didn't modify)

I think that it should be included in distcc sources as is for the gnome
monitor because it would make easier to package it and it would make possible
for everyone to choose his favourite monitor between kde and gnome.

Patches and suggestions are welcome, just keep in mind that I'm not the
original author of this software. I tried to contact him but he seems

Alessandro Molina

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