[distcc] No progress on distcc with Sun compilers?

Martin Pool mbp at sourcefrog.net
Wed Sep 8 04:59:24 GMT 2004

On 17 Aug 2004, Greg Earle <earle at isolar.DynDNS.ORG> wrote:
> Last night I tried to use "distcc" (2.17) to build Mozilla Firefox 0.9.3
> on Solaris 9 using the Sun Forte compilers.
> It died in exactly the same way as what happened to someone else on
> the list back on March 10th as described in the list archives:
> 	http://www.mail-archive.com/distcc@lists.samba.org/msg01891.html
> At the time, Martin said
> "Sun CC is not fully supported by distcc at the moment.  Perhaps you
>  can use gcc, if your source works with that."
> That was 5 months ago.  Has any work been done on this front since?

I have not seen any patches.  I don't have a Sun machine or compiler
so I am not likely to do it myself soon.  Sorry.


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