[distcc] Re: distccmon-text question

Kalin KOZHUHAROV kalin at thinrope.net
Wed Aug 25 21:02:05 GMT 2004

Victor Norman wrote:
> So, why, when I run distccmon-text on another machine,
> do I see nothing?  My .distcc directory is nfs
> mounted, and from the other machine I can see the
> binstate_XXXXX files and the files in the lock
> directory...
Just a wild guess, but did you setup DISTCC_DIR properly?

# DISTCC_DIR=/my/dir/with/binstatefiles distccmon-text

For example I have this in my profile:
alias distccmon='DISTCC_DIR=/var/tmp/portage/.distcc/ distccmon-gnome'
   (You bet this is a Gentoo system :-)


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