[distcc] Re: Distcc crashes Linux (Intel e1000 ethernet driver?)

Mikko Huhtala mhuhtala at abo.fi
Mon Aug 9 07:04:58 GMT 2004

Martin Pool writes:
 > That bug says you were using distcc 2.12.1.  Have you tried 2.17? 
 > Could you try running with DISTCC_MMAP=0 DISTCC_SENDFILE=0 DISTCC_TCP_CORK=0

I used both 2.12.1 and 2.16. I'll try 2.17 and the above settings when
I get the chance.

You mentioned updating to 2.4.24 or better before. Is this bug known
to be fixed in the newer 2.4 kernels, or do they just happen to work
on some hardware? I tried to find a mention of a relevant patch in the
changelog, but I could not find it. Probably I just did not know how
and where to search.


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