[distcc] minor patch: distccmon-text man page

ms419 at freezone.co.uk ms419 at freezone.co.uk
Fri Jul 9 21:49:14 GMT 2004

I'm using the Debian package of distcc 2.14 - & loving it! : )

This could very well be a problem with me - rather than the distcc 
documentation. But it was easier to patch the documentation.

I spent longer than I ought setting up distcc - because I was running 
distccmon-text on the "volunteer" machine, rather than the "client" 
machine. However, I'm diligent about reading the docs and my mistake 
wasn't clear to me.

I expected to see a list of the jobs which the "volunteer" was 
compiling, and the hostnames of the "clients" which had initiated them. 
Perhaps this would be a nice feature? Perhaps it's already been 

This minor patch of the distccmon-text man page makes explicit that 
distccmon-text should be run on the "client" machine.

Thanks for this great software!


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