[distcc] wrong address resolving ?

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Tue Jul 6 12:44:16 GMT 2004

On  6 Jul 2004, Vitaly Kroivets <vitaly at siliconds.com> wrote:
> hi,
>  I have following problem with distcc 2.14 :
>  The list of hosts , specivfied with env variable includes between others,
> computer named "jump" . Its address is .
> I jet following message sometimes:
> C++ COMPILATION OF max_flow_features.cc ( -Wall -g )
> distcc[8330] (dcc_connect_timed) ERROR: Connection to
> failed: No route to host
> distcc[8330] (dcc_build_somewhere) Warning: failed to distribute to jump,
> running locally instead
> I.e. for some reason, it tries instead of .
> But I do not have computer with IP here!


It seems unlikely this is caused by a distcc bug, but maybe it is.  I
think you probably have a configuration problem on your machine.  What
OS and kernel are you using?

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