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Verma, Ajay ajve at chevrontexaco.com
Sun Jun 27 00:41:07 GMT 2004

I mean to say that if a Makefile is there in any folder which has to
build a library and an executable.
This executable depends on library.

When I am running my "make -j" to build this library and executable,it
shd first build library then executable as this library is required to
build executable.
But the problem is coming due to executable is getting build first and
then library .It is giving linking errror as this library is not there
while linking to build executable.

But in case "make",everything is going fine.So I am not sure why this is
happenening in case of "make -j".

Seeing everyhing is going fine in case of "make",I am assuming that all
my dependecies are there in makefile.

Any idea on this????

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On Jun 25, 2004, "Verma, Ajay" <ajve at chevrontexaco.com> wrote:

> I debug my Makefile and found that all the dependecies are there in 
> Makefile.

> First it is trying to link the all libraries to create an executable 
> and then create the library. That's why this problem is coming.

So you're saying the executable is missing dependencies on the

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