[distcc] small protocol extensions for -ftest-coverage, -fbranch-probabilities

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Fri Jun 25 00:23:05 GMT 2004

Martin Pool wrote:
>>Three new tokens would need to be added to the protocol: if
>>-ftest-coverage is given, DOBB and DBBG tokens would be sent back
>>from the server before DOTO; if -fbranch-probabilities is given, a
>>DODA token would be sent to the server right before the DOTI, but
>>that's about it, I think.
>>(Making sure the .da files get the right embedded path will be a bit
>>tricky; it'll probably require a small patch to gcc.  But hey, I'm
>>not scared of that :-)
> Rather than special-casing it, I'd prefer to just let the client
> specify a list of files that ought to be pulled back from the server
> after the command completes.  Then we can support more options like
> this by just adding to the client.
> I plan to do this after fixing the mmap/lzo issue, and putting in a
> timeout and better balancing.
> See protocol-3.txt in arch for a partial description.

I guess you'd need to add an OUFN to the request to give the
name of each output file, then.  And the DOTO would be replaced
with just a generic OFIL token, I suppose.

BTW we'll have to change the server to use the proper .i name,
presumably in a randomly-named directory, otherwise the .da files
are generated with the wrong name.  (And I have to patch
gcc anyway to set the directory name used for the .da files.
Maybe I could get away with combining the two, but I don't think so.)
- Dan

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