[distcc] Re: Support for -geometry in distccmon-gnome

Kalin KOZHUHAROV kalin at tar.bz
Fri Jun 11 07:23:17 GMT 2004

mbp at sourcefrog.net wrote:
> On  8 May 2004, Kalin KOZHUHAROV <kalin at ThinRope.net> wrote:
>>I am happily using distcc on Gentoo for several months, now trying to
>>build LiveCDs with it.
>>I was wondering how easy will it be to include -geometry or --geometry
>>support in the distccmon-gnome?
> That's a pretty good idea.  I don't know immediately how to do it
> under gtk+, but I suppose there is a way.

While looking today for a long time at distccmon-gnome, I had another idea...

Add a "color loegend" on the status bar, as it is difficult to spot what each color means on a fast machine...


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