[distcc] distcc only listens on v6 with --enable-rfc2553?

Jeff Rizzo riz+distcc at boogers.sf.ca.us
Tue May 11 21:56:07 GMT 2004

Is this expected behaviour?  I use distcc from NetBSD's
pkgsrc, which sets --enable-rfc2553 by default.  When
distccd is run as "distccd --daemon --user nobody",
distccd seems to *only* be listening on an IPv6
socket.  I can look a little further into it if
this is not supposed to be this way...  Things
seem to work ok if I explicitly set a --listen
address, but I'd rather not have to ... :)

This is distcc-2.14.


Jeff Rizzo                                         http://boogers.sf.ca.us/~riz

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