[distcc] [PATCH] Adding host list randomization

Daniel Kegel dkegel at google.com
Fri May 28 23:51:38 GMT 2004

Martin Pool wrote:
> Thank you for the patch.  It looks OK to me, except that I am not sure
> if it should be an option specified in that way.  I wonder if it
> should always be on?  Or at least, if it should always be on until we
> have some kind of automatic weighting of faster machines.

People are used to the first machine being hit first, aren't they?
We figured making it optional would be less disruption.
Whatever you think is best is ok with us.

> Rather than the qsort I think it is OK to just do a simple shuffle.

Would that be less code?

> Can I just check Google is OK for this to be released under the GPL?

We got approval from Urz Hoezle for this, so it's cool.
- Dan

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