[distcc] distcc only listens on v6 with --enable-rfc2553?

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Wed May 12 07:04:47 GMT 2004

On 11 May 2004, Jeff Rizzo <riz+distcc at boogers.sf.ca.us> wrote:
> > Do you actually want to mix IPv6 and IPv4 connections?  In fact, if
> > not, why not just build without rfc2553.
> Yes, I would like to mix the connections.  Practically speaking,
> there's ways I could work around it, and few situations where I'd
> need to do both at the same time, but now that I've learned I *can't*
> do it, my contrariness is kicking in.  :)  If/when I get some patches
> together, I'll be happy to either post them or maintain them
> locally.

In that case, I think you need to get ip6-mapped addresses working.
That is the right way to have servers accept both connections over
both protocols.  Please let me know what the BSD folks say about it.

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